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PR800A12V is microprocessor device for testing lead-acid 12V starter batteries. It is developed as a consequence of need for small, easy for use, safe, reliable and relatively cheep device for servicing and maintenance of starter batteries. PR800A12V permits testing of battery cranking performance with discharge currents up to 800A for less than 20seconds. It measures, regulates and shows current, voltage, duration and discharged capacity in each tenth (0.1sec) of test. LCD display shows the test flowing and results are stored in flash memory. With Software for PR800A12V it is possible to connect device with PC computer via RS232 serial port. Software gives opportunity of showing discharge graphs (testing) in real time, possibility of reading discharge data in case that device wasn’t connected with PC, printing and storing the results, creating reports etc. PR800A12V has real time clock RTC with calendar and backup battery. It has a great amount of internal flash memory for storing test results and many precaution measures are implemented.

PR800A12V complies with Directives 89/336/EEC-Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and 2006/95/EC-Low voltage equipment (LVD). Device is placed in red plastificied steel box with PVC distancers and handle. Buttons start/stop/reset/select, scroll up and scroll down and connector for communication with PC computer are placed on the device front panel. Energy cables connectors, power supply cable, main switch and main fuse in AC circuit are on the back panel of device. There is, also, a possibility of terrain work without main supply.

PR800A12V has following technical characteristics:

  • Discharge current is selectable in range from 5A to 800A with step of 5A, 2.5A current regulation; transistor-resistance groups are dimensioned to accomplish total current of 1000A if voltage on resistor ends is 10V;
  • The lowest permitted level of battery voltage during discharge test is settable in range from 0V to 13V, step 100mV;
  • Discharge time is settable from 0s to 25s, step 1s;
  • Displaying of all test parameters and actual current, voltage, duration, discharged capacity (Ah) during test;
  • Discharging begins by pressing the start button and it ends by some of the following events:
    1. elapsing the selected time for test duration;
    2. pressing the start button during test;
    3. battery voltage drops below selected voltage level (the lowest one permitted for that battery type)
  • Beep signalisation for events from previous point;
  • Freezing of last measured values for current, voltage, duration and capacity on LCD display after finishing test; possibility of resetting those values;
  • With Software for PR800A12V it is possible to connect device with PC computer via RS232 serial port; work in real time or storing and graphic or in tables evaluation of the test result is possible in that way;
  • Real time clock with calendar and backup battery (950mAh, Varta, life time 10 years);
  • Storing up to 1000 tests duration of 20 sec with one second resolution or up to 2000 tests duration of 10 seconds with one second resolution in internal flash memory; reading by software for PC or via LCD display and push buttons on the devices front panel (all stored test results could be shown on display including the last one) ; device reconfiguration by software;
  • Forced air cooling, temperature protection and software control of frequency of tests (pause-discharge);
  • Opto-isolated drivers of switch/resistor groups (eight lines);
  • Possibility of terrain work without main supply (option – supplying from test battery);
  • Accuracy better than 3% (class 3), 10bit A/D conversion, instrumentation amplifiers for measuring shunt and test battery voltage; 10 measuring of current and voltage in 1 sec with calculating capacity;
  • LCD display with 2x16 characters and back light shows values of current, voltage, time, capacity, device status, warnings, alarms etc;
  • More than 10 menus for setting parameters;
  • RS232 serial connector for connecting with PC via software;
  • Control elements: main switch, push buttons START?STOP?RESET?SELECT, SCROLL UP, SCROLL DOWN;
  • Dimensions: 465x175x480mm(WxHxD)
  • Weight: 22kg;
  • Power supply: 230V/50Hz 80W;
  • Main fuse T1.6A/250V 20mm;
  • Ambient temperature 5-40ºC.

    Options: Upgrading and expanding setting capabilities, test algorithm (combining different current and pause intervals in tests...), signalisation etc.
    Test marking and sorting...
    Thermal printer 2" for printing test results in columnar and graphic form, test parameters, battery type, comment, date and time…

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