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PR1000A12V, PR1500A12V

The Gaus High Rate Discharge Tester is particularly designed for testing the cranking performance (cold and warm cranking) of automotive batteries.

The PR1000A(1500A)12V performs discharge tests with selectable current values in accordance with all national and international test standards.

The PR1000A(1500A)12V contains one discharge circuit with integrated microcomputer interface. Central control by means of a host computer of the AT type with GBTS1.06 Software (Host Computer Type). Guaranteed operation of the discharge circuit also in case of failure or interruption of the host computer by down-loading the complete test program into the microcomputer interface.

The PR1000A(1500A)12V with GBTS1.06 have been designed as an integrated system, combining power conversion, circuit control, computer control, data recording and data reporting. As a result, this system meets most battery testing needs: high reliability, complete functionality, accuracy, ease of data recording, troubleshooting, numerous data presentation formats, and easy maintenance. In this way it provides increased laboratory efficiency and accuracy.

Additional ratings and options are continually added to the product line. Furthermore, "GAUS StS" is also happy to work with customers to provide special customization options where needed.

Operating Simplicity

Test initiation and control are via the mouse or keyboard. After a program has been selected and the battery connected, simply depress the START key to initiate the test sequence. While discharging, the GBTS1.06 will display the status of the test and the test results in graphical or columnar form on the real time basis. It will show the mode of operation (ready, connect battery, running, stopped, paused, error...) the program number, the step number and the test parameters (amperes, volts, elapsed time...). The test may be stopped and restarted at any point in the discharge.

Technical specifications:

Discharge voltage range: 4,5 - 15 V
Discharge current range
Cold cranking test
10 - 1000A (1500 A)
Digital voltmeter: 0 - 19,99 V
Digital ampermeter: 0 -999A (1999A)
Power supply: 220V, 50 Hz, 300W
Accuracy: within the range 1-100% Inom 12bit dual slope A/D conversion 0,5% of set value
Control system: Transistors with loads
Control characteristics: Constant current Option: constant power, resistance, voltage (Price on request)
Control elements: Main switch, control unit switch, start and stop taster for controlling the power supply unit (charger for backup battery)
Displays: LED's for power (green-charger ON, red-charger OFF), 12 red led's for active transistor-resistance groups during discharge, digital instruments for current and voltage (optional)
Programmable regulating parameters: Current, Power and Resistance
Programmable termination conditions: Discharge time, final voltage, discharge current, Ah discharged, kWh discharged
Programmable functions: Discharge, Pause, Cycles
Programme length max. 1000 lines
Programme storage capacity: Limited by host computer storage capacity
Display/Output of measuring values: During test permanently on the video terminal. Printout of start time and date on the measuring report, comment, parameters, voltage in t=0, 30s, final t...
Analogue channels: Two with fixed allocation for voltage and current, one for temperature (optional) and six for cells voltage (optional)

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