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Gaus Traction Battery Tester GTBT110V240A
Gaus Traction Battery Tester is universal unit for production, testing and service of traction batteries:

  1. individual forming of traction battery
  2. cycling (charge, discharge)
  3. All capacitive and life time testing
  4. service
  5. accuracy 1%
  6. Host computer software- Gaus Battery Test System GBTS1.06

Technical specifications:

Charge: Max 100A or 170A for Ubatt<32V (option)
Discharge: Max 240A
Nominal voltage: 24 / 36 / 40 / 48 / 60 / 72 / 80V
Voltage range (charge): 0V - 110V
Voltage range (discharge): 20V - 90V
Accuracy: 1% of set value
Power circuit: MOSFET transistors and transistor-load groups
Controlled characteristics: constant current, voltage, power, resistance
Control elements: main switch, program selector switch, party line connection, start and stop buttons
Displays: LED's for power, active, charge, discharge, digital instruments for current and voltage with additional test sockets
Controlled variables: current, voltage, power and resistance
Termination values: charge time, charge voltage, charge current, Ah charged, Wh charged, discharge time, final discharge voltage, discharge current, Ah discharged, Wh discharged
Programmable functions: Charge, discharge, pause, cycles, cycles in cycles, "go to" steps
Display of measuring values: During operation permanently on the monitor of the host computer

  • 12 bit dual slope A/D converter
  • 10 measuring per second
  • min. time step 0.2s
  • Opto-isolated drivers
  • Opto-isolated communication lines
  • Opto-isolated measuring
  • Power supply 3x380V 50Hz 8kW
  • Dissipation max 20kW.
  • Ambient temperature 10 to 40C.

tel / fax: (+381) 11 2279142, (+381) 63 215722, service: (+381) 25 421095