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GTBM Operating Instructions

GTBM technical features
  • Gaus Traction Battery Monitor (GTBM) is suited for displaying current state of traction battery and long-term tracking of its use.
  • GTBM displays current battery charge/discharge level on 8-level LED panel in 10 different positions - steady light of one LED and flashy light of uppermost LED (maximal recommended charge level) or most lower LED (minimal recommended discharge level).
  • GTBM controls lift of forklifter with relay, which can enable or disable the lift. In case of battery voltage dropping below minimal recommended discharge level, then relay disables lift and forklifter's battery has to be recharged. After the charging of battery, lift is enabled again.

  • GTBM tracks battery voltage and records in its permanent memory every case that is out of recommended area (overcharging and deep discharging) for some period of time (15 min).
  • GTBM detects charging time (important fact in maintainence of battery capacity), connection to high voltage (in case of connecting GTBM on wrong battery) and accurate time within GTBM was disconnected from the battery.
  • In case of eventual complaint GTBM gives you all informations about misuse of battery (GTBM software).
  • GTBM is based on: microcontroller (CPU, battery voltage measurement, data recording, RTC read/write, LED panel control, relay control, PC communication), permanent memory (E2PROM, for data storage), real time clock/calendar (separate battery power supply), power supply (enables connection to the batteries in range 12-80V), relay (enable/disable the lift).
  • GTBM accomplishes its functions only if there is permanency in power supply from traction battery. If there is standstill longer than 15 minutes, then GTBM records it in its memory.
  • GTBM can be set for next battery voltages: 12V, 24V, 36V, 40V, 48V, 60V, 72V, 80V. Current consumption is 10-30mA.
  • GTBM is waterproof in according to IP-65 standard and is suited for industrial temperature range [-25C,+85C].
  • GTBM connection toward forklifter and traction battery is made over 4-pins AMP plug.
  • GTBM can be mounted on any flat surface with two screws, which are already fixed on GTBM.

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