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Gaus Traction Battery Capacity Monitor Description

Gaus Traction Battery Capacity Monitor GTBCM is developed for protection and monitoring of traction batteries exploation. GTBCM monitors battery status, loaded capacity (Ah) during charge, un-loaded capacity (Ah) during exploation, working hours during an exploation, disables using elevator in specific situations (battery voltage low, etc.), stores full informations about current, voltage and capacity during time of exploation.

Full analyse of battery exploation is provided by software GTBCM1.00 (current, voltage and capacity charts in time, from the installation time to moment of reading). It is microcontroler based device with 2x16 characters LCD display, and flash memory 128Kb (optional 512Kb), real time clock and calendar with independant battery supply, RS-232 communication interface (GTBCM Software) etc.

  • Indications on LCD display:
    1. Loaded capacity during charge operation
    2. Unloaded capacity during an exploation period
    3. Working hours
    4. Current voltage (capacity rating)
    5. Current charge or discharge current
    6. Memory occupation
    7. Warnings about abnormal states ...
  • Nominal battery voltages: 12V, 24V, 36V, 40V, 48V, 60V, 72V, 80V;
  • Record specific moments like overcharge, deep discharge, charge time, connection on high voltage, device disconnections from battery, extrem values, charge capacity, discharge capacity, working hours, number of charge and discharge processes, voltage, current;
  • Current measurement without contact
  • One second sampling rate
  • Separate tracking of loaded (charge) and unloaded (discharge) capacity
  • Max 80000 records in (128Kb) or 400000 records (512Kb), until reading, with special compression algorithm
  • Independent battery life time for real-time clock is 10 years (950mAh);
  • Industrial temperature range (-45 to 85C) and water-resistant protection IP65;
  • External connectors (IP67) for:
    1. Hal-effect solenoid (for currents from 0 to 100A, 200A or 300A) and communication with PC computer.
    2. Power supply from battery and relays contacts for disconnect elevators power supply
  • Elevators relay control;
  • Easy upgradeable.
  • Advantage compression algorythm with dynamic structure to improve records number
  • One year warranty
  • Dimension (L120xW80xH87 mm) Bopla ABS box, IP65

tel / fax: (+381) 11 2279142, (+381) 63 215722, service: (+381) 25 421095