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The Gaus Formation System GFS540A300V is unit for container formation of 12V lead-acid batteries (or others) in branches with 15 batteries connected in chain, with controlled current from thyristor-diode bridge. This powerful unit is designed for battery plants or big service stations. GFS540A300V has capacity of simultaneous formation of 810 (eight hundred) 12V batteries Cn<100Ah, or 405 batteries with 100Ah<Cn<200Ah. Considering the average formation time of 48h, this mean daily production of 400 batteries with Cn<100Ah, or 200 batteries with 100Ah<Cn<200Ah. Basically, this unit is with manual control, but it can be optionally upgraded with central monitoring system from GBTS106.
Battery Plant in Sombor "Black Horse" has 6 of those units installed since 1989.


GFS540A300V has three parts: energy cabinet, cabinet with command tables and operating platform. Three-phase power transformer (200kVA) with air cooling, main switch with current and under voltage protection, fuses and energy installation, switches for galvanic separation and selecting of modules, nine inducers and nine removable modules with thyristor-diode bridges, shunts and corresponding electronics are in energy cabinet. Those modules are identical (replaceable) and independent in separate boxes with appropriate contact parts for connection with main cabinet. Each module can regulate current between 0-60ADC with maximum output voltage of 300VDC (15 batteries in chain).

Dimensions of energy cabinet are aprox. (WxHxD) 3000mm x 2500mm x 2000mm. On command tables fixed in command cabinet (each energetic module has it's own command table) You can select active branches for charging (from 1 to 6 branches simultaneously in parallel), start/stop forming, current per module (this current is divided in command table on active branches). Command tables has analog ampermeters with shunts for each branch, voltmeters and indication of status. Branch cables are connected in command cabinet. Dimensions of command cabinet are aprox. (WxHxD) 3000mm x 2000mm x 1000mm. Operating platform is fixed between energy and command cabinet. It provides operator to control and setting the forming.

Dimensions of platform are aprox. (WxHxD) 3000mm x 300mm x 1500mm. All connections between command and energy cabinet are fixed under operating platform.

Example: If all 9 modules are active with current of 33A and for each module all 6 branches with 15 batteries.

  • Current/branch is 33A/6 branches = 5.5A per branch (55Ah/10=Cn/10)
  • Forming current is 9x33A=297A
  • Number of batteries is 9 modules x 6 branches/module x 15 batteries nominal capacity 55Ah/branch = 810 batteries of Cn=55Ah.
  • Charging current per battery = current per branch = 5.5A (If=Cn/10).

Technical specifications:

Power supply: 3 x 380V, 50Hz, 200kVA
No. modules (command tables) 9
No. branches per command table 6
Max. No. 12V batteries per branch: 5,5 V
Capacity: 810 batteries Cn<100Ah, 405 batteries100Ah<Cn<200Ah
Regulating charging current per module: 0 A - 60 A
Max. current: 9 x 60 A = 540 A
Active branch current: Settable on Ig=Cn/10 (Cn is nominal capacity identical batteries in branch); Ibranch=Icommand table/No. active branches
Charge voltage range: 0 - 300V for each branch
Accuracy: 3 % of setting value
Power circuits: Thyristors, diodes
Controlled characteristics: Current
Dimensions (WxHxD): 3000mm x 2500mm x 5500mm
Control elements: Main switch, automatic/manual switch, program selector, buttons start, stop, pause, reset, "save", potentiometer for setting charging current for command table, selection of active branches for each command table
Termination criteria: Three successive measuring of branch voltage in 30min. time periods
Indication: Indication of active branches Led diodes for "ON", selected program*, start, stop, pause*, automatic/manual*, analog ampermeters for each branch, voltmeters
Termination/program branch values*: Duration of operation (charging, discharging*), current value, voltage, temperature, Ah
Programmable functions*: Charging, discharging*, ramp, pause, cycling, branching under conditions, logical operations with conditions...
Display: Instruments or PC*.

*discharge mode and monitoring with GBTS106

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