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The task of GFCS

The reliability of a starter battery is the most important quality feature. So, such batteries are subject to an electrical load test after container formation. It is also essential that during this test the energy discharged from the batteries must be minimized in order to avoid an additional charge.

The concept of the GFCS results from these initial conditions. Immediately after formation and, preferably, after cleaning the battery is discharged with a high current for a few seconds and the voltage under load is determined. The actual value is compared with the nominal one resulting in a "good-faulty" decision. A reasonable test sequence covering 6 to 8 batteries per minute requires fast and precise power and data acquisition electronics combined with mechanics of the same accuracy and reliability for transport and positioning of the batteries as well as for positioning the test heads to the terminals.
Such properties are combined in the GFCS.


The Final Control System is composed of three units:

  • Mechanical part (converter/reject table, positioning device, test head for different battery types, control elements for converter)
  • Load unit (transistorized power unit and PLC as programmable control unit)
  • Computer (AT type host computer...)

Optional: measuring the temperature, automatic accommodation of test parameters according the actual temperature, automatic positioning of clamps according the type of battery, barcode reader, testing with high voltage
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Technical specifications:

Discharge current 0-1500A
Voltage: 6-16V
Capacity: 6-8 batteries per minute
Types of batteries: 36-300Ah/12V
Manual/Automatic mode: yes
Programmable elements: duration of test, discharge current, minimal allowed voltage, open circuit voltage

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