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Omron's industrial controller CQM1H

Gaus Control System for Curing (GCSC100) is system developed for controlling of two independent curing chambers for battery plates. It is fully automated, programmable management system, composed of three linked sections:

  1. PC Computer with GCSC100 controlling and monitoring software
  2. Control cabinet with Omron's industrial controllers, A/D converters, relays, switches, displays etc.
  3. External temperature (water and ear) and humidity sensors, fans, electro-magnetic vents, water level indicator etc.

GCSC100 Software

GCSC100 is windows based application with an intuitive three-dimensional, user-friendly interface, developed for complete real-time controlling, monitoring, data management and acquisition of curing process. It contains a several units with multi users support with different privilege access.

Figure 1. Block diagram of one chamber (insert from GCSC100 Software)

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