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GBK2x12V1A GAUS BATTERY KEEPER GBK2x12V1A Voltage Equalizer

Gaus Battery Keeper GBK2x12V1A is designed for equalizing voltage of two batteries, which are charging in serial connection (trucks, busses etc.). Charging in rows (serial connection) is followed with serious problem that if there is a difference between batteries voltage, than that difference grows during charge. One of batteries is overcharging and the other one is undercharging. Gaus Battery Keeper is solution for that problem. It recognized charge process (voltage greater than 26V), compare individual voltages and when one of them is greater than the other for 0.2V, it reduces a charge current for that battery for a max. of 1A.

The benefits of using Gaus Battery Keeper are:

  1. Lower level of charge voltage on battery which has signs of overcharging;
  2. Higher level of charge voltage on battery which has signs of sulfatization;
  3. Better start of vehicle as a result of equalizing batteries capacity;
  4. Longer lifetime of both batteries.

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